NHL Trade Alert: Pittsburgh Trades Carl Hagelin for Tanner Pearson

NHL Trade Alert: Hagelin Out, Pearson In

Things continue to be shaken up inside the NHL Metro Division. This time it was the Pittsburgh Penguins making news. First the team announced General Manager Jim Rutherford would staying with the team for another three years. Then Rutherford announced the Penguins had traded Carl Hagelin to Los Angeles for Tanner Pearson.

Prior to the trade Jim Rutherford told the media massive changes were coming if the Penguins did not start turning things around. The first of which happened today. There could be more changes on the way as Rutherford believes this team still has a window of opportunity to win another Stanley Cup.

Clearly, Rutherford’s patience is running out as the Penguins sit 24th in the standings in the NHL. Rutherford is hoping a shakeup at this point will open the eyes of the rest of the players on the team that no one is safe. Not even the players that helped Pittsburgh win back to back Stanley Cups in 2016 and 2017. Mike Sullivan was echoing the same message as he knows the Penguins need to find consistency in their game.

Coming into the season the Penguins were one of the favorites to contend for a Stanley Cup. Right now it appears the Penguins are from that team as injuries are piling up. Plus there is no real consistency in the play of their goaltenders either. Pittsburgh has some major work to do before their next game. The good thing for the Penguins is that their next game is Thursday night. The bad news it is against one of the best teams in the East if not the league the Tampa Bay Lightning.

As for the players involved in the trade neither Carl Hagelin nor Tanner Pearson were off to the best of starts. Like with most trades, a change of scenery will do both players a bit of good. Both Hagelin and Pearson were important pieces in runs to the Stanley Cup. Hagelin was acquired by the Penguins during the 2015-16 season and played an integral role in the Penguins run that year. Pearson on the other hand scored 12 points in 24 games in the 2014 playoffs, guiding the Kings to their second Stanley Cup Championship.

Pearson like Derrick Brassard will be a good fit on the Penguins. Pittsburgh needed some help offensively especially at their depth. With Pearson being four years younger than Hagelin, the time was right in the eyes of Rutherford to make this move.

What might get buried in the news of the day in Pittsburgh is that Sidney Crosby will be out of the lineup and is being evaluated for an upper-body injury. Crosby suffered that injury after crashing into the boards as the Penguins fell to the Devils on Tuesday night.

If things do not improve after the Pearson trade, let’s see what other moves Jim Rutherford plans to do next.

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