NHL Power Rankings: Here Come the Minnesota Wild

NHL Pacific Division

As the weeks continue to fly by the Nashville Predators continue to prove their dominance. However, here come the Minnesota Wild, who are not only climbing up the Central Division standings, but the power rankings as well. Both the Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings, both made coaching changes during the week as Joel Quenneville and John Stevens were fired. Both teams won were winners of the Stanley Cup between the years of 2012-2015. While neither move was shocking, both teams are looking to change their fortunes this season. Let’s go inside this week’s version of the NHL Power Rankings to see where these teams stack up.

NHL Power Rankings: Here Come the Minnesota Wild

  1. Nashville Predators – Clearly this is not an overreaction as the Predators are the best team in the NHL. With Pekka Rinne signed for two more years, the window is still open to win.
  2. Tampa Bay Lightning – While Nashville is the best in the West, Tampa Bay is the best in the East. Yanni Gourde is signed for six more years. He will only be getting better with the core nucleus.
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs – No Auston Matthews no problem. Sort of. Toronto is finally putting the pieces together to win on home ice.
  4. Colorado Avalanche – Remember when everyone thought Colorado was going to be bad for years. Yeah about that. Colorado is proving they are no fluke and will be contenders.
  5. Winnipeg Jets – Patrik Laine needs to bring his home cooking back to Winnipeg. In two games in Finland, Laine scored 4 goals.
  6. Minnesota Wild – Just when you think the Wild are down and out, Minnesota comes back roaring. Getting production from Zach Parise is great, but can he stay healthy is the real question.
  7. Boston Bruins – No matter how many wins the Bruins put up in one season or one week, the fans will always complain about the goaltending situation.
  8. Montreal Canadiens – With Carey Price in net, the Montreal Canadiens always have a shot to win hockey games. Price is proving he is the best goalie in the world.
  9. New York Islanders – Don’t look but Barry Trotz has gotten the Islanders playing really well. Trotz has got his team playing strong defensive hockey and this could keep them around for a long time.
  10. Pittsburgh Penguins – It still amazing how Evgeni Malkin did not make the NHL’s 100 greatest players list. All this guy does is produce.
  11. Calgary Flames – After being embarrassed the Flames are playing some good hockey. Legitimately Calgary has a shot to finish near the top of the Pacific Division.
  12. Dallas Stars – It took some time, but the Stars learned to win road games. With Ben Bishop living up to his contract, the top guns need to do their part.
  13. Vancouver Canucks – Elias Pettersson is the real deal and everyone in the NHL knows it. Oh yeah, Jacob Markstrom is playing well reeling off multiple victories in a  row.
  14. Arizona Coyotes – All the Coyotes do these days is win and score goals on the penalty kill. Having success on the ice will drown the noise that happens off the ice.
  15. San Jose Sharks – Sooner or later the Sharks are going to figure out their defensive pairings. Once Erik Karlsson settles into his role, the Sharks will take off.
  16. Washington Capitals – So what the Capitals are off to a slow start, that worked out well for Washington last season. The Capitals will click as the season progresses.
  17. Edmonton Oilers – Even with Connor McDavid continuing to score goals, the rest of the team has come back to Earth some. Edmonton has a big test of games this week.
  18. New Jersey Devils – Maybe this team needs to hear from Larry Robinson circa 2000 from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. After that the Devils must stick with Keith Kinkaid in between the pipes.
  19. Buffalo Sabres – Buffalo has some great some pieces on their roster and showing some promise this season. It will be tough to sustain in the Atlantic Division.
  20. Columbus Blue Jackets – Columbus has a lot of hole that need fixing. The power play and Sergei Bobrovsky are just two to name a few.
  21. Vegas Golden Knights – Was last year just a fluke? Too early to tell. However, Vegas was bound to come back to Earth is season even with their new additions.
  22. Carolina Hurricanes – Even Sebastian Aho putting up points, he is the only one that is doing anything of late for the Hurricanes. Carolina has come back to Earth. Too bad they are fun team to watch.
  23.  New York Rangers – Surprisingly the Rangers have strung a few wins together. In fact, the Rangers record could be a lot better if they learned how to finish games.
  24. Anaheim Ducks – The only thing the Anaheim Ducks have going for them is John Gibson. Sounds like a broken record, but the Ducks need to help Gibson more than they do.
  25. Philadelphia Flyers – The question surrounding the Flyers goaltending will always exist until the team finds a way to get a steady presence between the pipes.
  26. Chicago Blackhawks – And here we go. Joel Quenneville is out because of management’s poor mistakes handling the salary cap and trading players away. The pressure is clearly on Stan Bowman.
  27. St. Louis Blues – Speaking of pressure, the Blues had pressure to win this season after signing all these free agents, and taking for Ryan O’Reilly. Why can’t the Blues figure this out?
  28. Florida Panthers – With Roberto Luongo back in between the pipes, look for Florida to find their mojo once again and make a run at a playoff spot. But is it too late?
  29. Ottawa Senators – Even with Uber Gate surrounding this season, Ottawa will make teams earn victories night in and night out.
  30. Detroit Red Wings – One of the worst teams in the league were able to move up one spot because of what is going in LA. Eventually, Detroit will figure out this rebuild thing.
  31. Los Angeles Kings – Being old, slow, and awful on the road cost John Stevens his job. The philosophy needs to change for the Kings to have success again.

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