54 37 59 63: Adam McQuaid And A Fan Code

By Josie Lemieux – Consultant – @HockeyPsyched – Mental toughness – Emotional control

Adam McQuaid is now part of the New York Rangers’ organization. Seventy-two hours ago, he was still with the Boston Bruins. I saw the news of his trade exactly a few seconds after it all popped up on Twitter. My thoughts went immediately to my friend Claire, who always demonstrated an immense dedication towards him. She met him numerous times, cut in hair in charity causes and promoted his profile whenever she could.

She is not only McQuaid’s #1 fan, she also assisted me in 2017 when I was preparing for my first trip to the TD Garden in Boston. I wanted to be seated on the Bruins’ side and needed guidance. She could have lied. She could have ignored me. But she didn’t. She helped me out sort all this out and I had a great time. We have been connected by distance ever since.

We had a special code when we talked on Facebook and in private, a mix of her fav players and mine: 54 37 59 63. McQuaid, Bergeron, Schaller, Marchand.

I proposed it, she « liked » it. It is now our common “fan signature” when we finish our discussions, whether they are related to the Bruins or personal.

For some fans and hockey specialists, McQuaid was an asset to the Bruins. For others, he was a nuisance. For others, he was “between the two, or trade merchandise”. And for others, like Claire, he was a fighter in all senses of the word.

He fought for the good causes. He fought for his teammates on the ice. He fought to win the Stanley Cup in 2011. He fought to defend his spot on the team, which he eventually lost due to hockey business and strategies. However, he did not fight to show loyalty to the Boston Bruins.

He just demonstrated it. He is a fighter at heart, and will continue to do so on his new career path. He will be missed.

Claire was able to meet, watch and be around McQuaid during his 462 NHL games all with Boston. Now we lost two numbers in our special code : 54 is in New York, 59 left for Vancouver.

The code will be now 37 63. 37+63 equals 100.

Claire and I, like all Boston fans, know too well that those specific numbers are not about to be withdrawn.

Photo Credit: By Lisa Gansky from New York, NY, USA (IMG_5867) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

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