John Tavares: Playing with numbers

By Josie Lemieux – Consultant – @HockeyPsyched – Mental toughness – Emotional control


Without prejudice, John Tavares reflects what the number 91 means: he represents independence, self-sufficiency and a great personal drive. He is also highly humanitarian, so he is team-spirited and tolerant.

However, his tolerance has an exception. He won’t allow anything or anyone get in the way of his own independence.

He was in New York. Now he is more than welcome in Toronto, back in his home province of Ontario.

He did explored new ways and progress methods to achieve all his NHL goals. He assisted the Islanders as a whole. He’ll do the same in Toronto.

He did explore by himself all the proposals by the San Jose Sharks, the Boston Bruins, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Dallas Stars. He will also lead with Auston Matthews, Nazem Kadri and company. Hopefully Mitch Marner, among other skilled Leafs, will stay around to collaborate in his new season.

John Tavares chose the option that was most favorable for him in this stage of his career. He just compartmentalizes the spheres of his life, just like he does on the ice during any NHL game. He sees every shift as an opportunity to perform, learn from good and bad, and manage. He is always capable of evaluating what happened.

As for his contract of $ 77M for 7 years, Tavares is, like the number 7, a model for  inner introspection and knowledge.

Highly perceptive, with that contract, he found a viable and beneficial solution.

This is more that a contract for John Tavares. It is his hockey and life path. He is comfortable and perfectly at ease with what lies ahead. He will interact positively, in a memorable way, will assimilate all reactions of others and integrate adequately to the Maple Leafs’ locker room.

So 91 and 7 go very well together. It will be more than interesting to watch him on his very first game with a blue maple leaf on his jersey.

The others NHL teams who got put aside can say: ¨ We wish we had closed a winner like you ¨. Tavares can proudly say : ¨ You did not close me, but in October, I’ll be more than open to win against your team¨.


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