Alexandre Burrows Suspended 10 Games

Alexandre Burrows

The Department of Player Safety announced yesterday that Ottawa Senators forward, Alexandre Burrows, would be suspended 10 games for his role as an aggressor and kneeing Taylor Hall.

In what was an ugly series of events, Burrows seemed to have just lost it. In the second period, with Ottawa leading New Jersey 4-1, Taylor Hall lined up Burrows in Ottawa’s end with a clean check that sent him to the ice. As Hall skated back into the play, Burrows tailed him with hacks to the legs and eventually a crosscheck up around the face. Hall got away as the goaltender covered up for a whistle. But, as a scrum ensued, Burrows made it a point to seek out Hall again. After going after his face with both hands, Burrows wrestled Hall to the ice and was on top of him. As the linesman got in to break it up, Burrows unleashed two knees to the back of Hall’s head.



10 games matches the longest suspension of the season. While it is a steep penalty, it most certainly fits the crime. Burrows was last suspended in 2014 and it was his only other time, so he does not fit the repeat offender status. He has been fined five times in his career. Due to the length of his suspension, Burrows will forfeit $134,408.60 in salary.

Photo Credit: By Michael Miller (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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