Puck Wire: Top Hockey News Of The Day – January 23

NHL Trade Rumors

Hello hockey fans! Happy Tuesday! As you get ready for tonight’s action, it’s time to take a spin around the NHL with our top news of the day. Today, we’ll take a look at what’s kept the Sabres in the NHL’s basement, the latest on the league to Seattle, which coach is on the hot seat and much more!

Top Hockey News Of The Day

– The Buffalo Sabres are once again in the NHL’s basement and in the death march of another lost season. Why haven’t the Sabres been able to turn things around? What’s kept them at the bottom of the NHL? Sportsnet’s Mark Spector tries to answer those questions ahead of Buffalo’s visit to Edmonton tonight.

– Slowly but surely, things are starting to come together for the city of Seattle in their bid for the NHL’s 32nd member. Earlier today, the mayor of Seattle met with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and thinks reportedly went well. It’s looking like the pieces are finally coming together for Seattle and the NHL. ESPN’s Emily Kaplan has more here.

– Which NHL coaches are on the hot seat? There are many disappointing teams in the league this season and one wonders when the first domino will fall. Satchel Price of SB Nation gives us his best guess at who could be the first man to bite the bullet this season.

– The NHL won’t be in South Korea for the Olympics in a few weeks, but NBC Sports is trying to make the best of the situation. Kevin Allen of USA Today takes a look in the unique opportunity being presented to the network as they try and juggle Olympic and NHL coverage over the next month.

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NHL Trade Rumors

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