Puck Wire: Top Hockey News Of The Day – November 24

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Black Friday is here and there is action throughout the entire day. Here is the top hockey news for Friday, November 24. Today’s stories feature the Golden Knights playoff chances, current U.S. Thanksgiving playoff contenders, U.S. Thanksgiving and the importance of the playoffs, parity in the NHL, and 100 Years of hockey memories.

Top Hockey News for Friday, November 24

The Vegas Golden Knights had no expectations of making the playoffs entering the season. Is it possible the Vegas Golden Knights are for real and can actually make the playoffs?

With the quarter-mark of the season finished, teams currently in the playoffs are not going to be push-overs.

The importance of U.S. Thanksgiving and the Stanley Cup Playoffs go hand in hand and has been proven to be spot on every season.

This season could be different when it comes to the U.S. Thanksgiving cutoff. With so parity in the NHL this year, teams in the playoffs have no guarantee of being there.

Hockey fans have a lot to be thankful. Nicholas J. Cotsonika of NHL.com gives us the 100 years of hockey memories to be thankful for.


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