Bruins Beat: Remembering ‘Ace’ Bailey & All Lost on 9-11; Pastrnak & More

Credit Toronto Star


Above is the latest episode of Bruins Beat on CLNS Network with Joe Gill and Murph. In this episode, Joe and Murph reflect on the September 11 attacks on the 16th anniversary of that horrible and tragic day that changed the world. Both Joe and Murph lost friends that day and they look back on how they discovered their friends had perished.

One of Murph’s friends lost 16 years ago on United Flight 175 – the same flight Joe’s friend and college roommate Brian died on – was Boston Bruins great and three-time Stanley Cup champion Garnet ‘Ace’ Bailey. A mutual friend of Ace’s and Murph’s and hall of fame hockey scribe Russ Conway, joined Murph at the end of the podcast to share some stories of Ace that capture exactly the type of person Ace was – a kind, loving and absolutely hilarious character who left a smile on the face of anyone he encountered.

In addition to their tribute to those affected by 9-11, Murph and Joe look ahead to the infusion of youth that will be present at Bruins training camp when it opens Thursday and how the young guns will challenge vets for roster spots. Murph also believes – based on all he’s hearing from his sources – that Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs may be using the David Pastrnak negotiations as way to stem the rising salaries for young players and giving too much money and term for potential. As Murph points out, if that is the case you can expect a.) a long holdout from the young Bruins phenom and b.) a lockout in two years as this will be the latest gauntlet thrown down by the owners and their leader, Jacobs.


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