Happy Bobby Orr Day!

Bobby Orr

47 years ago today, Bobby Orr scored one of, if not, the most famous goals in NHL history and by far the goal that produced theĀ most signed and framed of all sports photos.

“Cleared it but not out; Orr, behind the net to Sanderson. …Orr! Score! Bobby Orr scores and the Boston Bruins have won the Stanley Cup!”

For Bruins, Bobby Orr and hockey fans, that call by Dan Kelly or this one by Fred Cusick, are etched in our collective hockey souls forever!

“Scores! Bobby Orr from Sanderson and what could be better than that?” Cusick exclaimed.

Just like you Fred, nothing has been and nothing ever will be better than that! Happy Bobby Orr Day!

Photo Credit: DGA Productions / Flickr C.C. 2.0

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