Murph’s 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview

Not sure about you but this was me Wednesday morning:

Luckily though, unlike Ralphie, NHL fans get a Red Ryder BB gun every April in the form of the Stanley Cup playoffs! The first slate of playoff action starts tonight or more specifically as I write this, in just under four hours. But hey better late than never! So with time ticking down, let’s get right to it!

Here are my picks for each first round series and the number of games, as well my Eastern Conference, Western Conference and Stanley Cup Champions. I also included my bracket I filled out for the Bracket Challenge.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Eastern Conference

Capitals over Leafs in 6

Canadiens over Rangers in 4

Senators over Bruins in 5

Blue Jackets over Penguins in 6

Western Conference

Blackhawks over Predators in 5

Ducks over Flames in 7

Oilers over Sharks in 6

Wild over Blues in 7

Eastern Conference Champion: Capitals

Western Conference Champion: Wild

Stanley Cup Champion: Capitals

In honor of my Stanley Cup Pick here’s a live show from the legendary DC band Bad Brains at the even more legendary CBGB’s:

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